4 How It Works

We envision a future where each business will have its own cryptocurrency token and will accept payments exclusively in that currency. This way, if you track all of the token’s transactions on the blockchain, you get a full picture of the business’s solvency. For Rados, this token will be Saturn (STN).

Saturn is an ERC207 token on Ethereum blockchain. We chose Ethereum because of the existing infrastructure of miners, wallets and exchanges. Saturn’s integration with Rados will be implemented as a series of Ethereum smart contracts to make sure that every financial transaction is publicly visible, transparent and verifiable by any third party.

Any existing internet business model can be implemented on top of Saturn’s technology. Rados will be the first business to use Saturn as the payment currency for premium service subscriptions. We plan to launch other businesses on top of Saturn’s technology and Rados’s datasets which will increase overall demand for this token. Examples of such services include but aren’t limited to ICO consulting, cloud mining, fund management, predictive analytics, etc.

Rados itself will be implemented as a SaaS8 on top of a battle tested, mature web technology stack. Rados will run on Google Cloud Platform9, using the same infrastructure that powers Google’s own services.

Figures 4.1 and 4.2 describe rados.io software architecture.

Blockchain data ingestion pipeline architecture

Figure 4.1: Blockchain data ingestion pipeline architecture

Subscription management architecture

Figure 4.2: Subscription management architecture