2 Mission

Our mission is to provide accurate and timely data to everyone in the cryptocurrency community. We plan to build the most comprehensive investor portal and empower our subscribers to make wise investment decisions.

2.1 Data Quality

There is an abundance of services that promise to give you trading signals, yet nobody says where their data is coming from. As of today, the best cryptocurrency data aggregator is coinmarketcap1, but they explicitly say that they refresh their datasets once every five minutes which is not frequent enough for real-time trading applications. On top of that, neither coinmarketcap nor exchanges provide detailed historical datasets even though they possess this information.

To make matters worse, every exchange provides data in a new format that is impossible to easily reconcile. There is no correct answer to “how much is 1 ETH” because the price is different for every exchange. Thus, when someone provides you with a one number answer they are not being perfectly honest with you. If you can’t compare exchange rates among various platforms you might be missing out on arbitrage2 opportunities.

To sum it up, if you want to build trading strategies you need the highest quality of data that does not currently exist anywhere on the internet. It is our mission to build the most comprehensive database of all cryptocurrency related information and to provide our subscribers with the pulse feed of every cryptocurrency.

2.2 Discovery

After we solve the data ingestion problem we immediately face another one: when there’s too much data available it’s easy to get overwhelmed and be unable to process it efficiently without specialized tools. Rados will deliver a customizable dashboard where you will be able to pick only the currencies and metrics that you care about and hide the rest, or pick curated presets from our library. The next phase would be to employ machine learning techniques to help our subscribers discover new cryptocurrencies and ICOs, provide price predictions and monitor investments.

2.3 Community

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

We will actively engage with our community, collect feedback on our existing offerings and eliciting requirements for new tools and services. Every quarter we will release an updated roadmap proposal that our subscribers and investors can critique or endorse. Every roadmap proposal will be accompanied by a voting smart contract, ensuring transparency of Rados’s strategic decision making. At the end of the voting period top projects will be added to our roadmap.

Let’s work together to build the toolbox of a modern investor.