5 Roadmap

The roadmap for 2017 has been decided upon and is published in table 5.1. Going forward, the roadmap will be curated by the community through the voting mechanism. Every quarter we will ask our subscribers for feedback and listen to their suggestions on what can be added and improved. We will curate the suggestions and create a poll. Every Saturn token holder will be able to vote for the features that they would like to see implemented, and the most popular features will find their way into the roadmap.

Table 5.1: Rados 2017 Roadmap
Date Event
2017-07-24 Launch Pre-ICO website and release whitepaper
2017-07-28 Integrate litecoin payments gateway for Pre-ICO token purchase
2017-07-29 Start Saturn smart contract implementation
2017-07-31 Pre-ICO start
2017-08-15 Kick-off Saturn QA in testnet
2017-08-21 Complete smart contract security audit
2017-08-22 Release Saturn whitepaper
2017-09-01 Release Saturn token on Ethereum blockchain
2017-09-01 Distribute tokens to Pre-ICO investors
2017-09-01 ICO start
2017-09-10 Release Rados.io alpha
2017-11-11 Release Rados.io beta
2017-12-01 ICO end
2017-12-01 Publish 2018 roadmap proposal and voting smart contract
2017-12-25 Publish 2018 roadmap
2018-01-01 List Saturn token on cryptocurrency exchanges